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Seeking new business opportunities? We’d like to show you some of the most interesting business opportunities
we believe will develop over the next few years. ICT is becoming crucial as a driver of change for people,
business, and society as a whole. Find out how these trends and solutions could help you to develop your business.

TV & Media – It's time to play

TV is a new game!

In the Networked Society video is everywhere. But where is television? Not stuck in the living room, that’s for sure. To us, TV is a premium experience worth paying for, and it’s in the greatest period of change and evolution since TV broadcasts started.

TV is a new game – and it’s time to play

Services – Get the whole picture

Connecting business, IT & networks

Everything is getting connected, and business gets complex. To survive, look at your business, IT and networks as one. To thrive, see how they connect and affect each other. To stay ahead? You need to get the whole picture

Real performance

Anything, anywhere, anytime

Each new device, application and user has unique network requirements, and operators are being challenged to meet them all. The key challenge is therefore to build superior performing networks that can handle different types of usage and beat expectations in every situation.

OSS/BSS – Meet the agile operator

Fast, flexible and in control

As the industry moves quicker, the key to success is agility. Operators need to be fast, flexible and in control to deliver great experiences to their customers, operate efficiently and develop innovative new offerings. Are you agile?

Cloud evolution

Finding answers in the cloud

How can operators best leverage the cloud opportunity? We see the answer in combining the cloud, Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) and software-defined networking (SDN) into a new business proposition.

M-Commerce – Open money

Let’s talk mobile money

The freedom to send, spend and receive money with a mobile phone is quickly becoming an essential part of life. It’s a cornerstone of the Networked Society – and a great business opportunity.

We’re developing secure, flexible m-commerce solutions to help build an interconnected and transparent financial ecosystem.