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Our portfolio

Seeking new business opportunities? We’d like to show you some of the most interesting business opportunities
we believe will develop over the next few years. ICT is becoming crucial as a driver of change for people,
business, and society as a whole. Find out how these trends and solutions could help you to develop your business.


Future-proof, scalable network architecture. In an industry that is constantly on the move, staying ahead can be make or break. Transform your future network with innovations that are built for tomorrow’s demands.

Digital Services

Ericsson Digital Services helps you to enhance the way you engage with your customers, to automate operations and to build a programmable network. We want to enable you to become a digital service provider, so you can better serve and grow your customers and build industry relevance.

Managed Services

Ericsson has led the way using its insights and experience to develop an innovative service solution that addresses the disconnect between network performance and customer experience and the consumer’s perception of service performance. We are in the middle of the fourth industrial revolution. We plan to lead the automation revolution for the telecom industry.

IoT and Emerging Business

Our focus is to facilitate new business development for our telecom service provider customers. Building and incubating a continuous pipeline of opportunities to create new business and develop Ericsson’s next big growth area.