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Ericsson-LG Innovation History

2013LTE-A service support to SKT, KT, LG U+
2012VoLTE solution provider for LGU+, SK Telecom and KT VoLTE Competence Center Inauguration
2011Selected as 4G/LTE supplier for LG U+, SK Telecom and KT
2010Renamed LG-Ericsson, Ericsson acquires Nortel’s stake in LG-Nortel KT Cloud Communication Center contract.
2009Developed a World’s first Android embedded multimedia phone Awarded ‘Green Pioneer’ EU-Korea Award
2008Demonstrated wireless internet based 4G network with LG-Electronics
2007LG U+ CDMA Rev.A service launch VoIP enabled network supply to KT and SK Telink
2006SK Telecom’s World’s first handset-based HSDPA network launch nationwide ultra-high speed wireless network launch for KT
2005Established Joint Venture between LG Electronics and Nortel
2004WCDMA mobile platform supply
2003Developed Korea’s first soft switch and NGN Electronics and Nortel
2002Developed STP high Speed Links at KTF R&D
2001Commercialized asynchronous IMT-2000 system (UMTS)
1996Awarded ‘ New Media Prize’
1995Developed the World’s first CDMA for commercial uses
1991Established Ericsson Korea Ltd.
1984Started commercial production of first fully electronics telephone exchange
1982Contract with KT on AXE, Digital Telephony switch, toll switches
1973Developed first key phone in Korea
1896The first Magnetto Telephone Switch to Chosun Dynasty