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Our Vision


The prime driver in an all-communicating world.

Our vision is what we want the future to be. In order to be driving the development of voice, broadband and multimedia, we need to be proactive thought leaders and innovators. We need to see things through the eyes of our customers. Only in this way can we ensure that people are able to share, participate and experience ? whenever and wherever they want.

We envision a world in which 50 billion devices and machines are all talking to each other, by 2020. It’s an all-communicating world that will transform the way we live and increase the world’s productivity in sustainable ways. Not only can we make it happen in an efficient and affordable way, but we can bridge the digital divide and enrich life.


Innovating to empower people, business and society.

Our mission is how we will make that vision possible. Through innovation, we empower people, businesses and society. The starting point is to gain deeper insights into consumer needs and desires. This also means gaining a deeper understanding of how we can transform businesses and society at large. More than just collecting raw data or viewing trend reports, this is about truly understanding what matters to people, businesses and society. It’s about improving the lives of many, not just a chosen few, while creating a more sustainable society.

By taking this market-driven approach, we can then apply our telecommunications expertise to help our customers. We will be better at solving their problems. Better at innovating to help them grow their businesses. Better at gaining efficiency. We will be more focused. Ultimately, we will create sustainable value for all of our customers, shareholders and employees.


Three core values define Ericsson-LG:

Our core values are timeless and consistent. They should not be confused with buzzwords or fashionable phrases. Rather, they are the deeply held beliefs and principles that guide our everyday actions. They define how we treat each other, our customers and business partners. Together, they form the foundation of our company culture.