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Ethical Management

Business Ethicsis all business activities which are based on the highest level of ethical standards that all of our colleagues must abide by so that both our colleagues and interested parties can do their job fairly and transparently. In case of conflicts of interest among interested parties, we give priority to our business ethics. Additionally, business ethics is a practical strategy capable of sustainable growth. Shareholders, customers, employees and business partners, competitors, and companies including the state and society ? all interested parties prepare for the future of the company based on mutual trust.

Ericsson-LG shares the commitment to the highest level of integrity and ethics in the conduct of business. Operating with a strong sense of integrity is critical to maintaining trust and credibility with our customers, partners, employees, shareholders and other stakeholders. All employees consider business ethics as a top priority in our business and management policy.

Code of Business Ethics

COBE(Code of Business Ethics) is a guideline for standard business conduct that all the management personnel and employees shall observe in the workplace.

Fair Trade

“Ericsson-LG” is dedicated to promoting fair competition. Fair competition is the basis for business development and innovation.

Ethical Management System

Etical Management System includes Cycle Reporting, HOT LINE Operation and Business Ehics Education.