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Ethical Management System


Cycle Reporting
Ericssion-LG communicates fairly and transparently and employs a Cyber Reporting system to intercept anyone abusingg authority for personal gain or employing other unethical, inappropriate behavoir. Ethical standards ensure faiess and transparency for mutual trust with business partners
HOT LINE Operation
"Ericssion-LG" operates a HOT LINE to achieve an ethical culture and realize the importance of the business ethics. It provides ethical regulations and standards that must be observed by all employees and interested parties to solve the ethical issues through effective communication. We continuously strengthen our monitoring of business ethics to establish the core values of those ethics to create a fair business environment for all employees.
Business Ethics Education
Ericssion-LG provides on-line education for business ethics and each of us is required to review and follow this Code with responsibility and ethical standards, as well as to comply with all applicable laws and Ericsson-LG's policies and directives. All employees shall carry oot their duties justly to the best of their abilities. We were selected to be an ‘Excellent Win-Win Company as the result of working for a clean and fair trade culture. We uphold the principles of the free market economic system and pursue open competition around the world. Furthermore, we will continuously strive for business ethics and be responsible to shareholders and society.