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Fair Trade

“Ericsson-LG” is dedicated to promoting fair competition. Fair competition is the basis for business development and innovation. All Ericsson-LG employees shall compete in the open market as vigorously and constructively as possible, while consistently complying with the law in each of the countries in which Ericsson-LG operates. Ericsson-LG shall comply with all laws and regulations that apply to its business and management and employees must be familiar with, and adhere to, all applicable foreign and domestic laws and regulations to promote fair business based on mutual trust for mutual prosperity with customers.

  • We shall work to develop fair and transparent busoness for our Win-Win project practice wiht our partner companies based on mutual trusr and cooperation.
  • All business transactions will occur based on the principles of fair competition with opportunities for all entities to participate. We build trust and cooperative relationships through fair and transparent transactions.
    Such relationships are built with a lon-term perspective for mutual growth.
  • We pursure cooperation with our dealers and venderss in a ongoing effort to promote a healthy trading environment and maintain a fair trading system.