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Environment Management

Reducing GHG

Though it is not a company that emits direct pollutants, Ericsson-LG recognizes the importance of addressing the problem of climate change as a communication equipment company. We have been carrying out greenhouse gas reduction activities in 2011, placing emphasis on 4 areas: travel efficiency ; energy saving in our office and facility; CO2 emission from our product transport, and; control of CO2 emission across all processes from the product manufacturing phase to disposal.

Travel Efficiency

Ericsson-LG determines the expected greenhouse gas emission of business travels of employees and continuously makes efforts to reduce such through the enhancement of efficiency of works during business travels. In 2009, video conference systems were built in all domestic and overseas business places. Smart work solutions such as web conferencing and individual audio conferencing were also adopted in 2011.

Energy Saving in Office

The greenhouse gases emitted by the business places of Ericsson-LG are those generated by two energy sources: electricity and gas. Last year, we improved the energy efficiency of the air inflow control equipment in the Data Center, one of the places with the biggest energy consumption in the office.
For 2012, we are planning to have energy-saving activities concentrated in STP and LAB in the R&D Center, the place with the biggest energy consumption.

Carbon Footprint Labeling Certification for Product

Ericsson-LG understands the environmental impact wielded by products and makes efforts to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases. Last year, we acquired Carbon Footprint Labeling Certification by executing evaluation on the entire process of the VoIP phone set on a trial basis.
Carbon Footprint Labeling Certification means indicating on the product the total quantity of CO2 emitted in all processes from production, distribution, and consumption of a product to disposal. Certification in the field of office phone set was carried out by Ericsson-LG for the first time in Korea.