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Environment Management

Design for Environment

As the direction in which Ericsson-LG develops environmentally friendly products, it responds in a timely manner to domestic and international environmental regulations and control and minimizes environmental impact by taking into account the environmental aspects in the life cycle of products.

Energy Efficiency Enhancement of Products

Ericsson-LG is applying the “Energy Efficiency Design Check Sheet” it developed to improve the energy efficiency of products. We are also observing the ErP Directive to minimize standby power. In addition, we are participating in ESP (Energy Standby Program) operated by a government organization (Korea Energy Management Corporation) as a standby power reduction activity.

Verification of Environmentally Friendly Products

Ericsson-LG not only evaluates autonomously whether a product is an environmentally friendly product at the development phase of the product but also assesses the inflow of hazardous substances periodically at the production phase using an external third-party certification institute.

Hazardous Substance Management

Ericsson-LG is operating the IT system that it developed and which manages information on the use of hazardous substances (HSMS: Hazardous Substance Management System) to manage efficiently information on the hazardous substances contained in raw materials and parts. Furthermore, we require suppliers to prepare analysis reports for parts at the product development phase and manage whether hazardous substances are used or not in accordance with the management standard of each supplier.