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Volunteer activities

Ericsson-LG is holding various social contribution activities through the Social Service Group for the welfare of local communities as a corporation that creates a warm society and a happy future.

Farm village service activities
Ericsson-LG is practicing the sprit of win-win between cities and farm villages by helping farmers in the harvest of crops, repair of home appliances, and purchase of agricultural products. We visit the home town recommended by employees during the busy season once a year.
Sisterhood relations service activities
Ericsson-LG is sharing close friendship with military units by estavlishing siste-hood relations with them. We carry out volunteer activities once a year in cooperation with them in villages near their bases and give them consolatory money at the same time.
Service activities conducted jointly with other companies
Ericsson-LG is conducing service activities for local communities jointly with 9 companies around the Volunteer Center of Anyang-si where the Company Research Center is located. The companies are playing the leading role in providing services and funds as a very unique form of volunteer activity.

Charity Activities

Ericsson-LG seeks to become a reliable friend and neighbor of local communities through activities that keep dreams alive and inspire courage among socially neglected neighbors in achieving self-reliance.

Visit to welfare foindations
Ericsson-LG is carrying out activities such as experiencing environment cleaning service, playing the role of one-day helper by visiting welfare founda-tions in local communities such as Hansarang House of the Disabled(Gwangju, Gyeongggi-do) and House of Anyang(Anyang, Gyeongggi-do) once a year, and empathizing with the socially underprivileged.
Making Kimchi of love
With employees and their family members in attendance, the Employee Board of Ericsson-LG is holding an event of making Kimchi for winter every year and giving it to welfare foundations in local communities and scholarship students it supports.
Helping orphans
"Sarang Society" an informal group in Ericsson-LG is doing mentoring to give hope and courage to orphans through periodic meetings and exchange of letters and holding an event of giving basic supplies and cakes at the end of every year.

Donation Event

Ericsson-LG is donating to needy neighbors using the Social Contribution Fund raised voluntarily by the employees (odd-numbered amount of monthly pay and fixed amount donation), with the Company making a corresponding contribution (Matching Grant System).

Helping needy neighbors
Ericsson-LG is holding events such as "Briquette of Love Sharing", "Home Appliances Donation”, "Winter Kimchi Donation”, and "Book Donation" for low-income neighbors/foundations having difficulty making a living by themselves.
Scholarship support
Ericsson-LG is supporting poor youngsters in areas where its business places are located in the form of monthly scholarship using the Social Contribution Fund raised jointly by the employees and the Company to help them overcome their difficult environment and grow into future persons of talent.
Support for children’s fondations
Ericsson-LG is sponsoring the “Milk Prince Campaign* which provides milk support to a designated number of children of low-income families based on a donation agreement and helping growing children foster trust and nurture dreams in society.