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R&D Overview

Driven by Research and Development

With its sophisticated technological infrastructure and demanding consumers, the Korean market is an excellent proving ground for Ericsson-LG. The pace of innovation in Korea puts successful players in this market 12 to 18 months ahead of the rest of the world providing a competitive advantage that we have leveraged to the fullest. Having attained a leadership position in the domestic market, we can then focus on bringing appropriate technologies to the rest of the world.

Our continuous expansion efforts grow out of a strategic focus on R&D, which has been a core focus of the company since its inception. Since then, we have focused our around 500 highly experienced R&D engineers, who work closely with technical staff at LG electronics and Ericsson, on keeping the Ericsson-LG R&D Center as a hotbed of innovation.

Building on this innovation, we challenge the world market with next-generation wideband wireless technology, providing comprehensive product lines for customers and channels. Our engineers are developing and adapting all-IP multimedia and 4G mobile technologies to meet real customer demands. By building and maintaining close coordination between our business units, we can accurately diagnose coming trends and deliver solutions that meet the market’s needs for the long term.

The result of this R&D focus is clear: Ericsson-LG registered more than 45,000 patents. This prolific output reflects the success of our partnership, the depth of our R&D expertise, and our exceptional ability to translate laboratory innovation into real-world products that make peoples’ lives better.

Leading Through Ideas and Innovation

Innovation is a core stream of our business. Ericsson-LG’s products are developed on the proving-ground of the Korean market where the innovation rate provides us an opportunity to be 12-18 months ahead of the world. This opportunity/velocity surely translates this sense of speed into a customer- facing benefit. We are living of and by innovations and every day it can be felt across all layers of the company. From our engineers developing and adapting the All-IP multimedia and 4G technologies to the customer forefront needs in enterprise and residential products, we have sketched a compelling collaborative approach to create a close coordination between our business units to accurately diagnostics the next trends, to precede the markets’ needs and to develop the next generation products.