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LG-Nortel Demonstrates Full WDM-PON Ecosystem at FTTH Council Europe 2010

  • Date: 2010.02.24
  • Live Demonstration of WDM-PON Interoperability with Four Ecosystem Members

  • SEOUL-Visitors to the FTTH Council Europe 2010 conference, to be held in Lisbon, Portugal from 24-25 February, can see the power of a fully integrated fibre-to-the-business/home/basestation (FTTx) solution from WDM-PON Ecosystem members: LG-Nortel, Teldat**,Genexis**, Comtrend** and Visipia** .

The WDM-PON Ecosystem initiative, started in August 2009 by LG-Nortel, has recently expanded its customer premises equipment (CPE) suppliers, bringing the growing roster to five members actively collaborating to achieve practical interoperability among their WDM-PON solutions. As a new member, Visipia’s high-performance CPE solutions complement the service loop by bringing Gigabit Ethernet services directly into customer environments. 

At the show, LG-Nortel will be demonstrating multi-vendor Ecosystem interoperability of 100 Megabit and Gigabit Ethernet services, on-line gaming, triple-play services, home PC on-line data backup, high-definition video surveillance, mobile backhaul, and many more business and residential applications.

WDM-PON (Wavelength Division Multiplexing-Passive Optical Network) solutions allow service providers to deliver high-speed Gigabit Ethernet services by servicing a large number of customers over a single fibre-optic connection. It delivers next-generation connectivity at a lower capital cost, delivering an accelerated return on investment compared with other fibre-optic infrastructure options.

“The combination of the WDM-PON technology from LG-Nortel with the trendsetting residential gateways from Visipia forms a cost effective and high performance platform for existing and future network services. The cooperation with LG-Nortel is a valuable and important entrance for Visipia to the WDM-PON market.” said Kaare Thorsteinsson, R&D Director, Visipia ApS.”

“In today’s highly competitive environment, customers expect that service providers can deliver Gigabit Ethernet-class services quickly and easily,” said Giovanni Manto, General Manager, Ethernet Fiber Access of LG-Nortel. “To meet this demand, operators need to be able to roll out new fibre-optic Ethernet services as smoothly and cost-effectively as possible. Industry-leading solutions from Comtrend, Genexis, Teldat and Visipia complement other WDM-PON Ecosystem solutions to facilitate deployment of end-to-end WDM-PON-based services more easily than ever.”

WDM-PON Ecosystem is a group of allied companies dedicated to building seamless, interoperable FTTx solutions using WDM-PON technologies. Participation in the WDN-PON Ecosystem ensures interoperability between these and other solutions, allowing service providers to reduce costs while implementing innovative broadband solutions faster and more easily than ever.

About LG-Nortel
LG-Nortel is a joint venture of LG Electronics and Nortel. Established in 2005, LG-Nortel provides leading edge telecommunications equipment and network solutions, spanning wired and wireless technologies, to service provider and enterprise customers in Korea and around the world. LG-Nortel is also actively developing next generation solutions for global markets, with over 750 skilled R&D engineers currently focused on wireless broadband technology evolution and the development of powerful new product lines. For more information on LG-Nortel, visit

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