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Jeonbuk Bank Improves Customer Service with LG-Ericsson Contact Center Solution

  • Date: 2010.12.27
  • Call center and IP telephony spans 86 branches of South Korean bank
  • >Banking sector's need for high reliability and performance met by technological capabilities of LG-Ericsson solution

  • LG-Ericsson (, CEO Jae Ryung Lee) has been selected to provide an extensive IP communications environment to support the rapid expansion of Jeonbuk Bank (, CEO Kim Han) throughout the Seoul metropolitan area and beyond.

Enhanced customer service capabilities are essential for supporting the bank's nationwide growth strategy, which under the lead of new CEO Mr. Kim Han is expanding from being a leading bank in Jeollabuk-do to becoming a nationwide banking provider with 86 branches throughout Seoul and surrounding areas.

LG-Ericsson’s iPECS Series will allow Jeonbuk Bank to build a single system integrating IPCC (IP contact center) and UC (unified communications), consolidating call center operations that were previously dispersed among the branches.
The LG-Ericsson solution will allow the bank to provide enhanced service to customers using existing service such as the call center and telebanking. For example, a call center representative answering a customer enquiry about a new solution will be able to easily share customer information with staff from the sales department, in turn enabling faster resolution of queries and improving customer satisfaction levels.

Moreover, creation of an IP-based call center and internal IPT environment will enable an integrated telephone and data network, thereby giving Jeonbuk Bank stable infrastructure that contributes to lower costs and an increase in overall work efficiency.

“This project is meaningful because it will provide an optimal customer interaction environment for Jeonbuk Bank, which is rapidly becoming a bank with a nationwide presence," said JD An, Vice President of Enterprise Solutions at LG-Ericsson. "LG-Ericsson has the expertise and delivery capabilities to meet the most demanding requirements of the financial services sector. By delivering a variety of tailored solutions, we can work with financial services providers to build a communications infrastructure that will support their growth into the future."

LG-Ericsson provides a wide range of advanced communications solutions that have been recognized by customers for their reliability and scalability. In October 2010, the company was selected by LG Electronics as the vendor of Korea’s largest-ever communications project – building a wide communications network linking 80 LG Electronics’ worldwide offices. It has also provided 12 different Hana Bank headquarters with UC solutions requiring a high level of reliability and performance.

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LG-Ericsson empowers enterprise customers and telecommunications operators around the world with a full range of cutting-edge fixed and wireless telecommunications and networking solutions. The company is a joint venture between Ericsson and LG Electronics. It was established on November 3, 2005 and renamed LG-Ericsson after Ericsson acquired a majority stake in it. The company has 1300 employees and is headquartered in Seoul, Korea, with its R&D center in Anyang, Korea.
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