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LG-Ericsson held Enterprise Solution Day 2011

  • Date: 2011.06.10
  • LG-Ericsson held Enterprise Solution Day 2011
  • Analyzed trends in enterprise telecommunication and presented consumer type based solution strategy
  • Showcased solutions including data network, virtual IPT, security, video conference, and more

  • June 9, 2011-Enterprise communication is becoming USIC due to the increase of communication infrastructure for smart devices and traffic volume. This is how LG-Ericsson defines the enterprise network equipment trends today.

LG-Ericsson ( held “Enterprise Solution Day 2011” at Harmony Ballroom of COEX Intercontinental Hotel on June 8, 2011, where its enterprise telecommunication solutions were demonstrated.

LG-Ericsson, which has been maintaining the top position in Korea’s communication equipment market, gave answers to customers’ requirements for emerging issues in the market such as security, virtualization, and mobile office.

LG-Ericsson said that the 4 key trends in today’s enterprise network are: 1) Unified Communication & Collaboration; 2) Social Networking; 3) Intelligent Mobile & Applications; 4) Cloud Computing. As communications technology evolves, various communication tools can be converged, a trend which has in turn created an environment for easier and more efficient communication with many people.

These trends led to the social networking boom, which becomes the catalyst for the evolution of mobile devices and applications. Such intellectual mobile devices and applications accelerate consumers’ usage, which calls for cloud computing that offers scalability and flexibility. The conclusion is that these 4 trends are intertwined to drive the transformation and development into user-centric systems ensuring mobility.

Additionally, LG-Ericsson’s customized solutions such as IPT based on virtualization, UC, video conference, and security as well as references were presented and received a warm response from the audience.

LG-Ericsson also demonstrated its position as a global end-to-end solution provider with the largest portfolio by introducing a number of new products including small- and mid-sized IPT solutions, backbone / work group switches, and mobile applications.

“Besides maintaining the No.1 share in Korea’s IP-PBX and key phone market, we will continue to provide optimized solutions for customers by expanding UC and IPT solution line-up”, said Sunghwan Kim, Vice President GM of Enterprise Solutions. “We will continue to respond to the rapidly advancing technologies in enterprise market, and bolster our position in the global stage as Korea’s representative telecommunication equipment provider.”

LG-Ericsson plans to keep offering the Enterprise Solution Day in the future to present “The Answer” and directions to Korea’s enterprise telecommunication market.

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Four trends in recent enterprise telecommunications

- U: Unified Communication & Collaboration 
- S: Social Networking
- I: Intelligent Mobile & Applications 
- C: Cloud Computing 

1. Unified Communication & Collaboration
The service connectivity between channels is improving to allow communications whenever and wherever the user wants, through UC. It makes effective collaboration, such as conferencing, and enables quick decision making. There is a continuous need for collaborative solutions to enhance corporate competitiveness and maximize service efficiency.

2. Social Networking
Social networking brings the transformation from the existing visible organization into an expert-centric virtual organization. Also, SNS activities like Micro-Blog, Twitter and Face Book are gaining importance from a personal information exchange channel into corporate business and commercial tools for marketing and PR. Therefore, enterprise telecommunications system becomes required to evolve into one that allows operation and management for not only internal usage but external service offerings.

3. Intelligent Mobile & Applications

With the recent development in mobile communication devices, the work environment is also becoming increasingly mobile, demanding more and more Enterprise Mobility Services. This increases the importance of real-time collaboration among mobile devices, access to corporate system, and collaboration among staffs working mobile. 

4. Cloud Computing
Cloud computing provides the scalability and flexibility for anywhere, anytime access and sharing through the Internet technology with centralized computing and IT resources. This will enable: 1) access to corporate servers and applications regardless of locations; 2) switching from traditional office to personal and Internet-based work environment; 3) real-time sharing and collaboration. As a result, products and solutions based on virtualization will become more important.

LG-Ericsson is a joint venture between Ericsson and LG Electronics, where Ericsson holds a majority stake, since July 2010. The company aims to become a leader in telecommunication equipment industry, providing customized solutions for operators and corporations, with a portfolio ranging from mobile and fixed network infrastructure, enterprise, to optical solutions. 
The company has 1,300 employees and is headquartered in Seoul, Korea, with its R&D center in Anyang, Korea.
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