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LG-Ericsson growing stronger

  • Date: 2011.06.24
  • 1. Will continue to lead Korea’s telecommunication industry with successful LTE launch
  • 2. To leverage synergies as part of Ericsson to jointly develop domestic and overseas markets
  • 3. To nurture Anyang R&D center as a global telecom equipment development center as part of Ericsson

Press Conference Commemorating LG-Ericsson’s First Anniversary

June 23, 2011 - LG-Ericsson, a joint venture between Ericsson and LG Electronics, declared that the company is determined to make a further leap forward on its 1 year anniversary since the launch in July 2010.
LG-Ericsson has been leading Korea’s 2G and 3G operator market as well as enterprise network industry with its leading edge network solutions and applications. As part of the worldwide telecommunication equipment leader, Ericsson, LG-Ericsson is addressing the customers’ needs by speeding up the development of next-generation telecommunication technology and services including LTE. 
“Clearly, LG-Ericsson has added numerous strengths to Ericsson,” says Mats H Olsson, Senior Vice President of Ericsson Group and Chairman of LG-Ericsson, “such as leadership position in the Korean mobile networks market, a competent and experienced R&D organization and a strong culture of innovation.” 

? Will continue to lead Korea’s telecom equipment through successful LTE launch and IP convergence solutions 

As Korean operators are expected to aggressively invest in LTE this year and IP convergence market is also likely to prosper this year, LG-Ericsson is geared up to seize the market. 
In order to seamlessly support LTE commercial service that starts in the second half of this year, LG-Ericsson focuses on timely development of products and features and enhancement of support capability to ensure superior network performance. The company was selected as a main supplier for LTE network infrastructure of SK Telecom and LG U+ (“LG Uplus”) earlier this year, and is now deploying LTE networks for the operators. 
For its enterprise solution business, LG-Ericsson plans to expand data infrastructure, UC and IPT solutions line-up as well as maintaining its current No.1 market share for IP-PBX and key phones in Korea. It will also expand the portfolio from the existing voice solutions and terminal devices to include mid- and large-sized IP-PBX and SMB data products to develop new markets.

? Leverage synergies as part of Ericsson to jointly develop domestic and overseas markets
Heading towards the 1 year anniversary, these synergies are now generating tangible results. 
By making use of LG-Ericsson’s expertise and local experiences together with Ericsson’s global scale and technology leadership, the company is significantly strengthening its position in both the domestic and overseas markets.
With introduction of high quality products within Ericsson’s portfolio, LG-Ericsson can now better address the customers’ requirement and strengthen its presence in the local market. Meanwhile, LG-Ericsson can now sell its products, including WDM-PON technology, through Ericsson’s global sales network in over 180 countries around the world without separate sales channels or organization. 
“The company is now equipped to aggressively address many new opportunities,” said Jae Ryung Lee. “As we are now even stronger than before, I am confident that we will be able to provide our customers with even more benefits.”

? Anyang research center to be nurtured as a key global R&D hub
LG-Ericsson has more than 700 R&D engineers with many years of experience accumulated in various technology fields. Voice/Data and mobile network equipments developed here have grown as LG-Ericsson’s core businesses.
“We are now ensuring that Ericsson’s global competences, efficient tools and process and experiences are combined with the strengths of Anyang Center to enable it as a world class R&D center in next-generation network technologies,” said Jae Ryung Lee.

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About LG-Ericsson:
LG-Ericsson is a joint venture between Ericsson and LG Electronics, where Ericsson holds a majority stake, since July 2010. The company aims to become a leader in telecommunication equipment industry, providing customized solutions for operators and corporations, with a portfolio ranging from mobile and fixed network infrastructure, enterprise, to optical solutions. 
The company has 1,300 employees and is headquartered in Seoul, Korea, with its R&D center in Anyang, Korea.
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