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Is communication technology bringing families closer together?

Find out how communication technology is having an impact on the modern family from the latest Ericsson ConsumerLab.

Get a glimpse of the Networked Society

Find out what's happening, and what's around the corner. Some of our leading experts share their experiences, insights and predictions on the Networked Society Blog.

5G use cases explained in a flash

Ericsson works closely with newer industries each day, building new use cases to see how 5G can transform their businesses by 2020. Check out the five use cases.

"Ericsson literally many years ahead of the cloud crowd"

Ericsson will demonstrate key technologies from its cloud infrastructure portfolio at the Intel Developer Forum 2015.

Transformation and Agility: The Meaning behind the Buzzwords

Ericsson’s Head of OSS/BSS Marketing Pamela Mallette sheds light on the steps that make ”agility” and ”transformation” a reality.

Ericsson-LG Enterprise

Visit our “Ericsson-LG Enterprise” homepage to meet more enhanced enterprise communications solutions.