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Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility

Sustainability Policy

  • Continuously reduce the environmental impact of our own operations.
  • Increase the knowledge and awareness about sustainability among employees.
  • Use Design for Environment (DfE) strategies to achieve continuous environmental improvements regarding mass and energy flows related to Ericsson-LG´s product portfolio.
  • Engage in selected activities that, in addition to promoting Ericsson-LG’s business, have positive socio-economic impacts and promote the vision of communication for all.
  • Use Life-Cycle Assessment (LCA) methodology as a means for determining significant aspects and as a basis for communicating environmental performance of our operations, products, services and solutions.
  • Engage our suppliers to ensure adequate sustainability standards in our supply chain.
  • Actively engage with our stakeholders about our sustainability performance.
  • Meet or exceed applicable legal requirements in the socio-economic and environmental areas.
  • Provide product take-back services to our customers as part of our producer responsibility, to assist them in the end-of-life management of products and solutions.