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Telecom Operators

Ready for the future?

At its core, ICT is about helping people, business and things to communicate. Telecom operators have a key role to play here, and that requires a good understanding of your business and the latest technologies. To keep your customers satisfied and loyal, you need to keep growing and expanding your offerings. This, in turn, will boost your profits. At Ericsson we understand where you’re coming from. We work with telecom operators around the world, helping find new opportunities to grow and create value.

Mobile Broadband

As consumers’ expectations of mobile broadband grow, operators that can offer the best combination of speed, availability and quality will earn loyalty and gain a competitive advantage. It’s time to seize exceptional opportunities for growth.

Managed Services

It’s a fundamental question facing many operators today: Are we here to run a network or to provide the best experience for subscribers? The two need not be mutually exclusive, but there is clearly an argument in favor of specialization and it is worth looking at your position.

Communication Services

The decisions that operators take today determine their ability to exploit new market opportunities tomorrow. The future is about offering attractive bundles of services, optimizing networks and adding new capabilities. Inaction is simply not an option.

Fixed Broadband and Convergence

Exponential increases in data traffic, billions of people and devices looking to connect ? and at the heart of it all, fixed networks. Explore the myriad of possibilities within your reach and make the heart of your business beat faster.

Operations and Business Support Systems

As markets evolve and mature, business models that once promised commercial success are being challenged. It’s time to ask tough questions: Is your business positioned to create value, enhance the user experience and capitalize on opportunities?

Television and Media Management

The global market for ‘anytime, anywhere’ media consumption is only now emerging, and already the visual medium is increasingly at the heart of a personalized consumer experience. Telecom operators need to look at the bigger picture.