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Equipment Manufacturers

Everything you need

We’re all connected in today’s all-communicating world. The devices and equipment you produce put people in touch with the world around them-family, friends, customers, workmates, strangers- and give them the power to change lives.

At Ericsson, our experience in telecom, commitment to research and development, our unique understanding of customer needs, and our leading role in creating industry-wide standards has led to an extensive portfolio of products for device manufacturers. We work with you to ensure you get the components you want.

Our mobile broadband modules provide everything you need to bring high-quality broadband to notebooks, netbooks and smaller consumer electronic devices. This gives your customers the power of the internet wherever they are.

High-availability equipment needs reliable power. Our power modules use the latest technology and highest standards of quality to meet this challenge. Primarily designed for advanced information and communications equipment, such as radio base stations and switches or routers, they are also perfectly suited to a wide range of medical, avionics, computing, military and industrial applications.

And when it comes to connections, our broad Cables & Interconnect offering includes pre-connected options and tailor-made variants for both power utilities and telecoms.

We are opening up the world of telecom to equipment manufacturers and developers. We can help you plan, create and test products and applications that harness the power of telecom for consumer and business users alike.


The networks built today must be scalable. Cables need to allow incremental installation and be easy to repair, whether they are copper, fiber access or fiber networks.

Power Modules

Alternative sources of energy are on everyone’s minds. You need power solutions that are tailored to meet your requirements

Mobile Broadband Modules

Consumers want their internet connection to be as mobile as they are. New products are going online and the PC industry is embracing these new opportunities.