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Media Industry

We have the know-how, the skills and the solutions you need to tackle the challenges of today and tomorrow. This is our portfolio for the media industry.

LTE Broadcast

Ericsson’s LTE broadcast solution will revolutionize video delivery in mobile networks enabled by the combination of three new standards: eMBMS, HEVC (H.265) and MPEG DASH and will address

Media room

Ericsson Mediaroom is the industry-leading entertainment solution enabling TV service providers to deliver TV services to consumers across their service areas?both inside and outside the ...

Media Delivery Network

Ericsson’s Media Delivery Network solution redefines the traditional concept of a CDN, with a unique, single-platform approach to the delivery of managed and unmanaged content.

Multiscreen TV

Ericsson’s award-winning Multiscreen TV Solution's mission is to enable TV service providers to deliver any content to any screen on any network within one integrated solution.Key Products

TV Delivery Infrastructure

Consumer demand for TV services anywhere and anytime is driving rapid change in the way operators, broadcasters and TV service providers deliver these services to multiple devices, over multiple.

On-Demand Content Management

On-Demand Content Management Solution is Ericsson’s response to solving content owners’ and TV operators’ content management needs today and for the future. It enables content.

Video Contribution and Distribution

High-quality content remains critical to TV business models. Research shows consumers' demand for high-quality shows and sports coverage continues to drive revenues across the whole media