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About Ericsson-LG

About Ericsson-LG


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Ericsson-LG is a joint venture of Swedish innovation and homegrown Korean technology. The company officially launched on July 1, 2010 with ownership of Ericsson and LG Electronics.

Ericsson-LG has a lone-term and close relationship with 3 operators in Korea for last 30 plus years and continuing technology innovation that helps our customers deliver innovative and differentiated services to the subscribers. We, as a core partner of 3 operators in Korea, helped customers to launch early commercialized services from CDMA to 5G as well as devoting an important role to raise a phase of Korea in the global mobile communications market at the same time.

We design the future of 5G through collaboration with telecom operators, and strive to capture the full value of connectivity based on technology leadership, global solutions and experiences.

Imagine a world where limitless connectivity means limitless possibility

Our purpose

To create connections that make the unimaginable possible

To create connections that make the unimaginable possible

We created the technology that first connected people and will soon connect everything. But our role as a connector and orchestrator also means more – from being a key contributor to the open standards that enable our industry; to providing innovation environments to shape and prove new solutions; to driving global partnerships that scale the impact of technology for positive change.

Our contribution to open standards

How we foster innovation in D15 Labs

Our humanitarian impact via Ericsson Response

Our vision

A world where limitless connectivity improves lives, redefines business and pioneers a sustainable future

Improving lives

Connectivity improves lives every day – from using our smartphone to navigate across town, to providing financial services to those without traditional banking. But in the future, it will mean so much more – from democratized access to healthcare and wearables that avoid illness; to connectivity for all schools and experiential learning in virtual worlds; and even the augmentation of human abilities.

Our partnership with UNICEF to map global school connectivity by 2023

Improving lives

Redefining business

Our vision is to empower the completely agile enterprise – able to respond in real-time to new opportunities and changing customer preferences; leveraging fully connected, constantly optimizing value chains; and ultimately realizing the production systems of the future – smarter, asset light and simplified operations where production happens closer to the consumer – collapsing cost and emissions related to logistics and shipping.

Why Ericsson’s 5G factory has been recognized as an Industry 4.0 frontrunner by WEF

Redefining business

Pioneering a sustainable future

From becoming carbon neutral in our own operations by 2030; to developing the new network technology that breaks the energy curve; to powering the digital innovation capable of reducing GHG emissions across industries by at least 15%.

How Ericsson will Break the Energy Curve of new network technology

How digitalization will help reduce GHG emissions by 15%

Pioneering a sustainable future

Our values

Purpose value and vision

Here at Ericsson, our culture is built on over a century of courageous decisions, in a place where co-creation and collaboration are embedded in the walls and where our core values of professionalism, respect, perseverance and integrity shine through in everything we do.


We deliver with high standards of excellence and hold each other accountable for the result.

We have the needs of our customers at the center of every decision we take.

We build trust by delivering on our promises, demonstrating thought leadership.


We believe unique and different perspectives and skills create better outcomes.

We stand for inclusion, diversity and promote collaboration.

We genuinely listen and care for each other with empathy and authenticity.


We continually challenge ourselves to be at the forefront of innovation.

We tackle the world´s most complex challenges by embracing courage, passion and grit.

We are always in it for the long term and deliver on our commitments with determination and resilience.


We pride ourselves in making transparent, honest and uncompromising decisions.

We demonstrate ethical, responsible and sustainable practices in everything we do.

We win on our own merits and have zero-tolerance for unethical behavior.

Discover a world of new possibilities

Imagine a world where limitless connectivity means limitless possibility. By creating connections that make the unimaginable possible, we are helping to shape an exciting and positive future. A world where limitless connectivity improves lives, redefines business and pioneers a sustainable future. We invite you to explore the potential and power of limitless connectivity and what it means for our future world.


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