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에릭슨 이음 5G 솔루션

Ericsson Private 5G solution, EP5G

A high performance, yet easy-to-use, cellular connectivity solution.

Ericsson Private 5G

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Industry 4.0 requires a high-performance communications foundation that is reliable and secure. The end-to-end solution increases operational efficiencies, improves safer work environments, and secures on-premise data addressing diverse user needs, more scalable, and more cost-effective. This is why we have built Ericsson Private 5G.

Imagine endless possibilities with a private network


Industries like manufacturing, ports, mining, airports, and energy are going through change driven by digitalization. One that will require a modern communication backbone to support the adoption, use, and scaling of new and emerging, data-driven technologies.


Built on Ericsson’s successful 4G/5G radio and dual-mode core technology, Ericsson Private 5G unlocks a wide variety of innovative use cases for both indoor and outdoor environments while easily integrating with business operations, devices, and applications. As a result, companies can improve productivity and create more value for customers, all while using a solution that is secure and more environmentally friendly.

private 5G network - Ericsson

Transforming Warehouse Operations with Ericsson Private 5G


CJ Logistics, is pioneering an innovative 5G approach to deliver on growing demands for fast-paced material flow and operational efficiency. For CJ Logistics, it has delivered impressive 20 percent productivity gains and approximately 15 percent capital expenditure savings.

Looking ahead, the inherent scalability of Ericsson Private 5G positions CJ Logistics for future growth, reinforcing its commitment to sustained success in an ever-evolving industry.

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Ericsson offers a portfolio with a choice of local cellular networks. Whether it’s simple and prepackaged, or tailored and comprehensive, we have the solution for you. 

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