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Ericsson Private 5G

Ericsson Private 5G

Ericsson-LG Webinar

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Ericsson Private 5G

According to the recently published Ericsson IndustryLab report survey, it is expected that companies supported by ICT will be ahead of competition in various aspects. 5G networks wnable smarter, faster, safer and more environmentallly friendly businesses.

Introducting Ericsson Private 5G solution and its use cases that build a stable 5G netowrk and provide systematic operation support to differentiate your business.



Ercsson report


  • Byoungseong Park, Senior network consultant, Ericsson-LG
  • Dongjoo Park, Technical director, Ericsson-LG
  • Jihoon Kang, Senior consultant, Ericsson-LG
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