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Girls in ICT Hackathon

Diversity and Innovation

Create a sustainable future with communication technology

Girls in ICT 2023 Hackathon

Available in English 한국어

Ericsson-LG, as an industry leader, hosts Girls in ICT to create a balanced and diverse ICT industry.

Diversity and innovation


Ericsson-LG believes that a team that embraces diversity is one that drives innovation and has a positive impact on our society and industry. Diversity is our core value in creating innovative technologies.

Since 2017, we have celebrated future female leaders through the Girls in ICT hackathon.

Any female university student who dreams of a career in the ICT industry can apply. The winning team will be given prize money and internship opportunities at Ericsson-LG.

Winners of the 2023 Hackathon


Thank you all very much for your precious time participating in this Hackathon.

We will continue to support your future endeavors for a brighter tomorrow!


  • Guardians of Forest, Seoul Women's University - Forest Fire Prevention System
  • SunnyBunnyHarmony, Seoul Women's University - Smart Flood Guard
  • WINNER, Myongji University - Smart Outdoor Activity Alerts: Air Quality Monitoring System for Children's Playgrounds
Girls in ICT 2023 Hackathon

Grand finale livestream


Check out the ideas of the 2023 Hackathon finalists on our YouTube Live. Don't miss the presentations on diversity and inclusion from Ericsson-LG employees and Eunkoo Lee, a special judge from the UN Women Centre of Excellence for Gender Equality.

Life in a climate-impacted future

While technologies have been evolving over centuries, the way we spend our time hasn’t changed much: we study, work, take care of our family and pursue hobbies. But would our daily life still remain the same on Earth that has warmed up by 1.5 degrees? What connected services would be needed for us to adapt to changing temperature of Earth?

Girls in ICT hackathon is here to listen to your ideas.

Hackathon task

Submit your idea for connected services for us to adapt to climate change and demonstrate it with the given demo kit (Raspberry Pi and Sensors)



Female university students who wish to develop their careers in the ICT industry


Best awards prizes

  • Internship
  • 2 million Korean won cash prize


Evaluation criteria

  • Clarity: How is the idea clearly delivered?
  • Desirability: Does the solution solve a problem and how impactful is the solution?
  • Feasibility: Can the idea for a solution be implemented in real life
  • Technical Competence: Is the demonstration technically remarkable?

*The weighting of each score was different depending on the stage of the competition


2023 Calendar

Idea submission ~17 April, 10:00 KST
Evaluation and finalists announcement Late April
Q&A Day 3 May
Final deliverables submission Second week of May
Finale 11 May

*Event schedule subject to change depending on circumstances. Further details will be individually notified to the finalists.


Roadmap 2023 hackathon

Step 1. Idea submission
Share your idea!
Step 2. Q&A Day
Ask us anything!
Step 3. Deliverables submission
Unleash your potential!
Step 4. Finale
Show us what you got!

Deadline: 17 April, 10:00 KST

Teaming: Maximum 3 people in a team

Idea proposal guideline:

  • Written in English

  • Write the required content no more than 3 PowerPoint slides (except the title and section pages)
  • Required content: idea concept, problem solution plan, demo implementation plan

Idea submission on onoffmix

  • Idea proposal
  • Participation agreement

Date: 3 May in the afternoon

5 Finalists will be invited to online 'Ask us anyting Q&A Day'

*Details will be announced separately for advanced teams


  • Demo kit guideline
  • Final deliverables guideline
  • Q&A

*A demo kit (Raspberry Pi and Sensor modules) per each team will be sent prior to the Q&A Day

Finalists will need to submit the following:

  • Developed idea proposal
  • Maximum five-mins demo video
  • Code script

*Details will be announced separately for advanced teams


Date: 11 May in the afternoon

Venue: Ericsson-LG Seoul R&D Campus (Gasan, Seoul)


  • Demo & presentation
  • Awarding

Best Awards prizes:

  • Internship
  • 2 million Korean won cash prize each
  • Winning certificates
  • Plaque

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According to Ericsson's '10 Hot Consumer Trends' of early adopters worldwide, close to 99% of respondents expect to actively use connected solutions to address the impacts of climate change and global warming by 2030. 

Check out these 10 trends for balancing your daily life with safe and reliable connections in unpredictable weather.

Climate-impacted future

Past Girls in ICT

Painting the Picture of 2030

Addressing industry and social challenges for a sustainable future

Best awards

• Ada - Electric Scooter Traffic Violation Monitoring System
• #SHOWER - Smart Water Monitoring System
• WNIC - Analysis of behavior in the vehicle using wireless network


2021– Bridge the digital divide

Bridging the Digital Divide

Best Awards

• 3Rabbits – The Voice Fisherman
• Guiders – Blind guider
• Visual - Bus Tag for Visual impairment

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2020 – Reclaim the future

Mitigating the climate change crisis 

Best Awards

• Artemis - Climate change, Forest Restoration is the solution
• Cranberry Pi - Heating and cooling control system based on number of people
• Kill two birds with one stone - Updown Street Inlet
• Ms; Earth - Clean bottle

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2019 – Industrial digitalization with 5G and IoT

Digitization of Industry with 5G and IoT

Best Awards

• C.S.I – Driver Identification System for Car Sharing Service
• Guardians of Agriculture – IoT Scarecrow
• SYH - Smart Sunglasses for people who are blind

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2018 – New service idea with 5G

New service ideas utilizing the technological characteristics of 5G

Best Awards

• ASMR -  Alert Service for Missing person Report
• LinkAGE -  GachiMeal : Food delivery service for the elderly with VR
• Whales - home theater NOX, home PT LUMOS

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2017 – Sustainable Development Goals

Ideas for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Best Awards

• AEY – Real-time witness evidence trading servie for car accident
HIT Tech – Green Light Project
• Jjangbojjang with Friends - Shieldron

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