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Imagine Live Korea 2022 CSP

Imagine Live Korea 2022 - CSP

Imagine Live Korea 2022 - CSP

Available in English 한국어

Imagine Live Korea 2022 - CSP

5G for CSP


*The physical event has ended; you can watch the event through on-demand.

Ericsson, selected as the best network infrastructure company for CSPs, will introduce the latest products and solutions presented at MWC2022 in Korea.

Explore smarter and slimmer sustainable Ericsson products and solutions and meet 5G experts.

Don't miss Imagine Live Korea 2022, where you can discuss the latest industry trends and insights together!


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Speakers and Programs

  • Imagine Possible

  • 5G Now & Future and 5G Solutions

  • Smart, Slim & Sustainable New 5G RAN Portfolio

  • Time Critical Communications

  • Massive MIMO: Ericsson Interference Sensing

  • Booth tour: Ericsson's Latest 5G RAN Portfolio and 5G Innovation Services

  • Cloud-native 5G Core

  • 5G Network Slicing

  • 5G Edge Service