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SKT-Ericsson go full force to build 5G trial network

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5G technology and service verification environment development project is kicked off.

Press release
Feb 11, 2016

SK Telecom (Representative Director & CEO Jang Donghyun, announced that the company signed a MoU with Ericsson (CEO Hans Vestberg), the world-renowned communication technology and service provider, for establishing 5G trial network on February 11th.

The MOU was signed at Ericsson headquarters in Sweden by Head of SK Telecom’s Network Technology Center, Park Jinhyo, and Head of Ericsson’s mobile product Development Division, Per Navinger.

Both companies plan to develop ‘End to End Wireless and wired converged 5G infrastructure’ to test core 5G technologies.

Speed in 5G network is expected to exceed maximum 20Gbps, which is several hundred times faster than LTE. SK Telecom said it will open the way for customers to receive mass contents not least of which are hologram and virtual reality too big to send in the current network speed.

The two companies said they will work together to develop technologies needed to link 5G wireless, terminal and wired infrastructure network (core network) until the end of the year.

Head of SK Telecom’s Network Technology Center Park Jinhyo said 5G core technologies are being developed and stabilized at a fast pace thanks to hard work by SK Telecom and 5G ecosystem leaders. “SK Telecom will develop and build end-to-end 5G system founded on various 5G core technologies and keep up the work to provide the world’s first-ever 5G trial service” said Park.

Head of Ericsson’s Mobile Product Development Division Per Navinger said “SK Telecom and Ericsson joined forces with an MoU back in 2014 for research on 5G-related technologies. I am pleased that we are now taking our cooperation one step further with this new 5G MoU to collaborate on an end-to-end 5G trial system.”