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Ericsson talks about Innovation for an Aging Society

Available in English 한국어
  • Ericsson introduces innovative use cases using ICT under the theme of "Innovation for an Aging Society" 
  • 5G will be a key platform for inter-industry collaboration that will present solutions to a variety of social challenges including aging issues
  • Presented on real collaboration examples in manufacturing and agriculture industries to make more comfortable life for the aging citizens and to prepare for the aging labor
Oct 30, 2017

Ericsson-LG held an Ericsson Innovation Seminar under the theme of "Innovation for an Aging Society" at the Meritz Tower in Gangnam on October 31. Various possibilities and innovative use cases that ICT can bring for an aging society which the world including Korea will face soon were shared.

In the first part of the seminar, uses cases to improve the quality of life of the aging citizens were introduced. 'Intelligent care assistance for the support of loved ones’ was introduced as a case to make life of elder people safer by using IoT technology. ’ Immersive experience by tactile, visual and sound data’ was also presented, which shows the possibility of realistic experience and comfortable lifelong learning through realistic virtual reality by the elderly who have restrictions on free movement or weak learning.

In the following part, uses cases of inter-industry collaboration for the aging labor were introdcuted. Powerful manufacturing intelligence based on 5G and IIoT has been presented as an example of smart factories that can be reliably and sophisticated without the need for complex communication cables. Especially, in case of the decrease of rural labor force, the case of using various agricultural robots in Tuscany region of Italy was introduced and attracted much attention of the participants.

Patrick Johansson, CEO of Ericsson-LG, said: "I expect ICT to play a significant role in helping our community when we enter an aging society which will address social and economic problems that we will face. I would like to promote Ericsson's various innovative cases not only in Sweden but also in various countries through this event, and I would like to make an opportunity to solve social problems in Korea through ICT." He also added: "The introduction of 5G will be a key platform for innovation that will lead to collaborations between the government, academia and various industries."

This three hour public seminar was attended by H.E. Anne Höglund, Swedish ambassador in Korea and Laura Sprechmann, vice president of Nobel Media by introducing the potential of Swedish innovations and Nobel Prize Dialogue, which was held on the previous day. Along with the 4 presentations, 5 demo booths were also operated to provide vivid experiences to the participants.