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The 5G switch made easy, Ericsson-LG held the Quest for easy 2019

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  • Ericsson-LG held ‘The Quest for easy 2019’ seminar for customers on May 30th
  • Introduced Ericsson’s evolved 5G platform and various industrial use cases for more flexible and reliable network
  • To build the world's best 5G network together with customers, partners and ecosystem players from all over the world including Korea
Press release
May 30, 2019

Ericsson-LG held "The quest for easy 2019" seminar for customers and partners at the Four Seasons Hotel on May 30th. This year was the 7th of the event. And, it was composed of presentations by an expert from each field to make the transition of 5G network more flexible and reliable after the launch of the world's first 5G commercial service.

At the early bird session held earlier in the day, the presentation on the potential of 5G from the consumer point of view based on "Ericsson 5G consumer potential" report attracted a great deal of attention. And, Ericsson's evolved 5G platform and various industry use cases were introduced over two parts.

In the first part, 5G network evolution strategy and spectrum sharing for low-band frequency utilization were explained, and the way and direction in which cellular IoT evolves to support various industry cases connected by 5G were addressed. Ericsson Industry Connect, which will allow to build a private cellular network for smart factories in a few hours was also introduced.

In the second part, the meaning of core network for the realization of true 5G network was addressed. The importance of container based cloud-native core network was highlighted, and new service solutions and ecosystem collaboration cases in global and Korea for new revenue streams and 5G ecosystem expansion using 5G core networks were presented.

On the other hand, demos on the city development scenarios using AR/VR and autonomous unmanned truck were attracted attention as well.

Hakan Cervell, CEO of Ericsson-LG says; “Like the slogan of today's event, ‘The 5G switch made easy,’ we seek out every opportunity to reduce complexity in various business areas as well as product and solution development processes. We are doing our best to build the world's best 5G network together with our customers, partners and ecosystem players from all over the world, including Korea."


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