A better 5G for all, Ericsson-LG UnBoxed Korea 2021

Available in English 한국어


  •  Ericsson-LG to hold Unboxed Korea 2021 online on June 24
  • In preparation for the new normal era, solutions and uses cases for a better 5G network to be shared


Jun 17, 2021

Ericsson-LG will hold UnBoxed Korea 2021 event online on June 24. Ericsson's leading 5G technology and insights will be shared through this event, which is held under the theme of a better 5G for all.

The best experts in each subject will cover various topics such as efficient frequency utilization for optimal 5G network construction, network performance improvement, core network solutions for complete 5G services, and business service application cases.

Starting with the opening by Hakan Cervell Ericsson-LG CEO, presentations on Carrier aggregation in 5G and ESS, Ericsson Massive MIMO, 5G peak data rates, 5G RAN slicing, and 5G industry use cases will be introduced out in the morning.

In the afternoon, presentations and demonstrations on the Ericsson cloud infrastructure, Ericsson CI/CD, Cloud-native-based high-performance 5G user plane, Enterprise service ordering and orchestration, Enterprise edge solutions, 5G and lifecycle of a car will be carried out.

Hakan Cervell Ericsson-LG CEO said, “In the new normal era, stability and reliability of network technology are more important than ever. Our efforts to make better 5G will continue to actively respond to the needs of various industries based on Korean New Deal.”