MoU signed between KT and Ericsson for IoT collaboration

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  • Ericsson signed a MoU with KT on May 29, 2015 for collaboration in IoT area
  • KT and Ericsson plan to start verifying LTE-MTC technology and relevant IoT services in 1H, 2016 by building a trial network in Korea
Jun 15, 2015
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Ericsson (NASDAQ: ERIC) have signed a MoU with South Korean leading operator KT for collaboration in the IoT (Internet of Things) areas.

KT and Ericsson identified LTE-MTC (Machine Type Communications) network and IoT service based on the network as the collaboration items, considering battery life, coverage and complexity of devices. KT and Ericsson is targeting at 1H, 2016 for verification of LTE-MTC technology and relevant IoT services.

This collaboration is meaningful to both companies, since both may explore new B2B and B2G IoT business opportunities through working together to apply future proof network technology to KT and verifying relevant IoT services in advance.

Kyounglim Yun, Head of Future Convergence Business Office of KT commented, "KT will keep developing useful and innovative IoT services through strategic partnership we set with Ericsson. I hope the co-work with Ericsson will accelerate the advancement of the future proof IoT network and allow us to quickly reach the customers with useful IoT services."

Arun Bansal, Senior Vice President and Head of Business Unit Radio at Ericsson said "Cellular networks already provide the coverage and performance that is needed to support IoT services, so we look forward to collaborating with KT to enhance both networks and devices to even more efficiently address IoT opportunities in Korea. We are also working closely with KT on 5G technology, which will include an evolution of today’s LTE and innovations driven by new IoT use cases.