Ericsson-LG develop 5G in full forces with large scaled domestics investments and resource

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  • Seokyoung Jang, Head of Office of ICT Policy, inspected site of domestic 5G development and encouraged the developers
  • Ericsson-LG, social contribute by creating high-tech jobs and cooperating with domestic SMEs
  • Demonstrated video call through Ericsson commercial 5G network equipment and multi vendor prototype devices
Press release
Jan 29, 2019

On the afternoon of January 30th, Seokyoung Jang, Head of Office of ICT Policy of Ministry of Science and ICT, visited Ericsson-LG Seoul R&D campus located in Gasan-dong to investigate on the domestic 5G technology development site.

Ericsson-LG, which has led the development of domestic communication technology for the past 40 years, has reorganized Seoul R&D campus as 5G R&D center by investing and recruiting young talents for the last few years. Currently, more than 500 R&D resources are concentrating on 5G key technology development and support for customers including Korean operators.

Through this visit, not only 5G network technology development status was reviewed, but also various 5G use cases collaborated with major global telecommunication operators and ecosystem partners were introduced. In particular, Ericsson-LG has highlighted the long-term value of 5G adoption and the various technology demonstrations it has shown through collaborations with telecom operators in the preparation of 5G domestic adoption over the past several years.

Then, Mr. Jang looked around Seoul R&D campus and inspected the 5G technology development field of domestic engineers and encouraged them. In particular, he had a good opinion of newly hired young engineers and the model of mutual growth with domestic SMEs.

Mr. Jang said, "It’s good to see young developers working hard here in Ericsson-LG. They look all smart and vigorous. We, the government, will provide full support so that your efforts can bring good results.”

At the end of the visit, the 5G demo was conducted.  a video call through Ericsson commercial 5G network equipment and multi-vendor device was demonstrated. Meanwhile, Ericsson-LG has unveiled interoperability with multi-vendor device at the demo event that was held on the first day of the 5G signal launch last December.